Jax! :X
The Names Jax. Lesbian.In Love. Criminal Justice major. Music keeps me sane. Brake-downs keep me angry and EDM keeps me partying. My mind would fucking trip you out. Wanna join the ride?

No god just aliens.


"so she’s gay now?"

yeah she turned it all the paperwork last week and her acceptance letter came this morning, it was all pretty sudden

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  • Interviewer: Why did you ask Frank to join MCR?
  • Gerard: When we watched Pencey Prep onstage, it was obvious what we were missing. We already had some dynamite, but we needed more. Frank was extra dynamite.
  • Frank: I was hanging out while they recorded a demo of Vampires Will Never Hurt You and I got really, really high. Ray had laid down 14 guitar parts and somebody said, "If you add another guitarist, you could play this live." Someone replied, "The only guy we've considered is too high to get off the couch." That was the first time I thought I might play in my favourite band - It scared the shit out of me.